2496 Scarborough Square Columbus, OH 43068    Phone: 614-383-8398    questions@vipwaste.com

Our Core Values

Our philosophy is simple. We deliver an employee and client experience that lives up to our name in all of our dealings, no matter how great or small. This is exemplified by our V.I.P. Core Values:

A) Respect B) Integrity C) Accountability D) Servanthood E) Excellence

Our Programs

At V.I.P. Waste, we offer the perfect blend of standard methods and customizable options. In other words, we tailor our proven programs to YOU.

Choose from valet trash (includes free recycling) or stick with our "recycling only" option. We even offer a Comprehensive Waste Program where we manage your portfolio's entire waste program for you at no additional cost.

Our Leadership

V.I.P. Waste was founded in Ohio by two dedicated entrepreneurs with a passion for improving the apartment living experience.

Since our owners are actively involved in V.I.P.'s day-to-day operations, you can expect a level of personal attention and world-class service that many of our competitors simply can't provide.

Our Team

We pride ourselves on being a company that derives genuine satisfaction from taking care of each other, as well as our clients. That's why we developed our proprietary 7-Step Screening Process for new hires, and also why our employees occasionally find a gift card to their favorite store on their truck seat when they arrive for work.

Our Dedication

You'll find evidence of our dedication everywhere you look. Try calling us, and a real person will answer the phone within 15 seconds. Request a free consultation, and notice how our entire process is tailored to you. Ask our clients' opinion of us, and listen to what they say. Our company succeeds because we do whatever it takes to make our clients happy.

The fact that our community offers this program is a big selling point for someone like me.

- Heather K., Resident