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Yes, 'average' apartment communities force residents to lug their own trash down staircases and across parking lots.

...but since when did you aspire to be 'average'?

V.I.P. Waste offers valet trash programs designed to give your residents the convenience and lifestyle they crave, starting with professional trash pickup directly from the doorstep of each apartment.

Our valet trash programs include:

  • Professional Pickup From Every Doorstep
  • 1 V.I.P. Signature Sack Per Unit (cans, benches, and other containers also available)
  • Custom-Tailored Pickup Schedule (1-5 pickups/week)
  • Recycling Pickup At Every Door (includes free bags!)
  • Proven Resident Education Program
  • Marketing Materials Designed/Printed For You
  • Celebrity-like Customer Service

For more information, call 614-383-8398 or send an email to questions@vipwaste.com.

The fact that our community offers this program is a big selling point for someone like me.

- Heather K., Resident