2496 Scarborough Square Columbus, OH 43068    Phone: 614-383-8398    questions@vipwaste.com

Imagine having an amenity that actually inspires residents to write "thank you" letters.

We make recycling easy and convenient for your residents - while giving you an amenity that attracts high-quality prospects and enhances your community's image.

Our V.I.P. Recycling Programs include:

  • Professional Pickup From Every Doorstep
  • Free Recycling Bags For Residents
  • Custom-Tailored Pickup Schedule (1-5 pickups/week)
  • Proven Resident Education Program
  • Marketing Materials Designed/Printed For You
  • Celebrity-like Customer Service

For more information, call 614-383-8398 or send an email to questions@vipwaste.com.

The fact that our community offers this program is a big selling point for someone like me.

- Heather K., Resident