Making your apartment greener is a lot easier than it sounds. Trends in our culture (combined with a challenging economy) are putting increasing pressure on people to live greener lifestyles by conserving energy and recycling. Below are three simple and practical ways to become greener in your apartment:

1) Unplug electronics when you are not using them. Most electronics that we own today consume a vast amount of energy. We understand this; however most people do not realize how much energy is being used when electronics are turned off in the “standby” position. It has been said that “standby” mode in the average household consumes 1,000 kilowatt hours of electricity on an annual basis. This is enough energy to power an entire home for two months! The solution to saving all of this wasted energy is to completely unplug the electronic system, allowing for this energy to be saved and stored.

2) Monitor the temperature in your apartment. This can save you up to 50% of the energy used in your apartment! Turning down the thermostat slightly in cold weather and keeping it a little higher in warm weather is something that can make your apartment green and save you some serious cash.

3) Recycle. The idea is simple: why waste perfectly good materials by tossing them in the landfill when they could easily be re-used? In fact, recycling just one aluminum can will save the same amount of energy required to run a TV for three hours! In the past, recycling was not very convenient for people living in apartments. Fortunately, companies like V.I.P. Waste Services are changing this for the better. V.I.P. Waste Services partners with apartment communities to pick up recyclables at every resident’s doorstep. Thanks to the rising demand for recycling programs in the multifamily housing industry, convenient recycling programs are finally becoming a “must-have” amenity for apartment dwellers.

Becoming energy efficient and green in your apartment complex is simpler than most people realize. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it can also save you some serious money.

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