Doorstep trash and recycling programs have proven to be a great way to attract and retain residents while promoting a greener lifestyle within apartment communities. V.I.P. Waste Services makes it possible for property managers to provide this amenity professionally and affordably. Here are 4 reasons to launch a doorstep trash and recycling program at your community:

1.) It attracts quality prospects.Let’s face it: your prospects are attracted to amenities that actually make their lives easier or more exciting.  Doorstep trash and recycling service isan amenity that residents truly appreciate for this reason.. It also tends to grab attention because, although its popularity is skyrocketing, this amenity is still seen as a unique and innovative concept. Residents rave about the simplicity, and convenience of placing your trash and recyclables their doorsteps for pickup.

2.) It gives you an edge over competition. If a resident is deciding between two similar communities, it makes sense that the residents will lean toward choosing the community with the most attractive amenities. Residents are always looking for an apartment that can add value to them, and VIP’s doorstep trash and recycling provides this.

3.) It helps you keep your best residents. Property managers are seeing the retention rate among their residents increase because of V.I.P.’s doorstep trash and recycling programs. Evidence comes mainly from resident testimonials. One resident at a property serviced by V.I.P. called it, “… one of the reasons we have remained residents here for five years.”

4.) It encourages community spirit. Residents seem to really embrace the idea of contributing to their communities. In fact, property managers are often surprised by how much their residents value the feeling of helping the community become greener through a simple act of setting recyclables on their doorstep.

Doorstep trash and recycling programs are certainly worth considering at apartment communities that are serious about delighting residents through effective amenities. The key is to find a service provider that is professional, reliable, and affordable.

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