Amenities are undeniably important to the success of an apartment community. Prospective residents have more options than ever, and because of this, they are beginning to see valuable amenities as a necessity. Below are a few apartment amenities that are grabbing the attention of the industry.

1) Rock climbing wall.  Believe it or not, rock-climbing walls are becoming more and more prominent as an on-site amenity. Companies like UDR Communities report that residents are raving about the rock climbing wall they built at 10 Honover Square, a community they manage in New York. While this amenity may seem obscure, it certainly draws attention from prospective residents and is becoming more and more common as an amenity option:

2) Dog DNA tracking. Tracking dog DNA gives apartment communities an affordable way to use technology to track down residents who fail to clean up their dog’s waste. After a painless cheek swab from a resident’s dog, the canine will then receive a tag and registration number. Saliva samples are sent to a company like BioPet Vet Lab that stores the DNA information in a worldwide registry. If your community maintenance staff spots dog waste that has not been picked up, they can swab the waste and then send it to the information lab. The lab will match the dog’s DNA to its owner so that property staff can then appropriately remind the owner to clean up their dogs waste. Pretty cool, right?

3) Doorstep trash and recycling programs. This amenity is taking the multifamily housing industry by storm, and residents are falling in love with it. In the past, apartment dwellers been expected to haul their own trash to on-site dumpsters or to a compactor.  This inconvenience is increasingly becoming a head-scratcher, especially for residents who are paying top dollar to live in luxury developments.  Doorstep trash and recycling programs allow residents to have their recyclables and/or trash picked up multiple days per week by professional crews. While the concept is often met with skepticism at first glance, companies like V.I.P. Waste Services are proving that it really works. Not that we are biased or anything!

So there you go. 3 unique apartment amenities you should know about. Are your communities offering any of them yet? Comment below and share your opinion!

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