2496 Scarborough Square Columbus, OH 43068    Phone: 614-383-8398    questions@vipwaste.com

Benefits To Management

  • Attract quality new prospects
  • Get an advantage over competitors
  • Happier current residents, leading to:
    • Increased resident retention
    • Boosted morale among leasing staff
    • Improved ratings and reviews
    • Warmer sense of community

Benefits To Residents

  • Never take your trash out again
  • Convenient way to start recycling
  • No more trips to a recycling center
  • Feel proud of your community
  • Sense of camaraderie with neighbors
  • Easily care for the environment
  • Cleaner balconies and hallways

Let's Talk

The fact that our community offers this program is a big selling point for someone like me.

- Heather K., Resident